USB i9 Golden Series : USB Duplicator and Sanitizer 1 to 59 (UB960G)
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USB Duplicator and Sanitizer 1 to 59 (UB960G)

USB Duplicator and Sanitizer 1-59
USB Duplicator and Sanitizer 1-59
USB Duplicator and Sanitizer 1-59
USB Duplicator and Sanitizer 1-59

Main Features

001 vineta Stanalone design, no PC required to operate the USB duplicator.
001 vineta Supports all types of data copy formats while performing bit-by-bit duplication.
001 vineta Supports “quick copy” for Linux (ext2/ext3/ext4) and NTFS, FAT16/32, exFAT.
001 vineta Data Sanitization: quick erase, full erase, and DoD erase.
001 vineta Can handle the largest USB capacity available on the market.
001 vineta Handles USB-HDD with a capacity over 3TB.
001 vineta Supports log report for better production management.
001 vineta Supports hardware-level write protection for USBs (contact us for details).

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Product Description

The most cutting-edge in duplication technology, our Intelligent 9 series USB drive memory card duplicator is a professional, standalone and efficient equipment which can provide a full range of USB drive memory card duplicator starting from 9 and up to 119 targets. The speed and flexibility are the key factors to satisfy customer needs. Simplicity, no PC or other software are required; the USB drive memory card duplicator provides a reliable, worry-free copy environment for users without the risk of virus infection. This Intelligent 9 USB drive memory card duplicator series is integrated with a high-speed compare function to ensure data copy with 100% accuracy along with quick format capabilities. This will greatly help increases efficiency and production productivity.

The Intelligent 9 Golden series has added some more important functions –Event Log Report, (6 Advantages from Event Log Report to Improve Your Duplication Management), Durability test and Double Source Comparison. Those functions are designed from professional users’ inquiry and help them to solve some critical issues from the duplication working process.

The Intelligent 9 USB drive memory card duplicator is an economical solution for data copy and distribution via USB drive memory card. It embeds smart and beneficial function and outstanding performance, reliable and quality that will save your time and money.



000 vineta Impeccable High Speed

2.0GB/m for all devices synchronously without any speed decline.

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000 vineta Supports Copying All kinds of USB Devices.

With sufficient a power supply and unique design, it can support all kinds of Flash media, including the USB 3.0, external USB hard drive, MP3 player, etc.


000 vineta Supports Linux Formats for Quick Copy Features.

sliver 11001 vinetaQuick copy only copies contained data in any NTFS, Linux (ext2/ext3/ext4) and FAT 16/32/64 to save your time. 
001 vinetaCopy all kind of data format while bit for bit duplication.


000 vineta Easy Maintenance

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With a specially redesigned and improved structure, users can easily exchange the sockets via THREE steps within ONE minute.

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000 vineta Easy Insertion & Removal

The special socket has a guiding design for easy sliding in and out.



000 vineta Powerful H5 Flash Quality Checking Tool

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Media check-H5 is the best inspection tool that helps to do quality testing with big volume quantity with the highest efficiency.

H5 offers:

1.- Highest efficiency:checks the bulk quantity all at the same time.

sliver 262.- Shows quality testing results
Bad:Bad sector quantity 
W:Writing speed is 7.26MB/s
R:Reading speed is 14.4MB/s
Red Light indicates that the Flash didn't meet the selected standard.

3.-Self-setting standard
001 vinetaSets a limitation on the bad sector quantity
001 vinetaSets the minimum reading speed
001 vinetaSets the minimum writing speed

000 vineta Flash Speed and Capacity Filtration

  Sets limit of lowest reading and writing speed ”it picks up Flash devices that are below the setting speed.  
  Set target tolerance it picks up Flash devices that have exceeded the tolerance range.  

000 vineta PC-Link Technology of Intelligent 9 USB Drive Duplicator

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Monitor and control the real time status via PC.

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  Real-time monitoring  
  One PC can monitor multiple duplicators with the ID differentiation function.  

000 vineta Operating Log Report

golden 17001 vinetaShows machine information
001 vinetaShows detailed information of the Flash devices (VID/PID/SN)
001 vinetaShows detailed operation records of each port
001 vinetaShows the results of each operation

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000 vineta Durability Test

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To find out the durability of your Flash devices, you can select the Burn-In function. You can set how long and how many loops the Burn-In test will last for. The range of the Burn-In time is between 30 mins to 30 days.


000 vineta Double Source Comparison

Double-source comparison can eliminate the chance of a duplication error caused by a worn source. Use the first port as a copying source and use the second port as a compare source. It can guarantee the highest reliability and 100% correctness of the duplication result.

000 vineta Safely Remove Hardware design

After the duplication task is completed, the Intelligent 9 USB drive duplicator will automatically cut down the power and signal to USB devices. Users can remove the USB sticks directly without any concern.

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000 vineta Power Adapter

It’s flexible enough to add extra power for a large-scale duplication.

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000 vineta Ergonomic & Compact Dimension

The ergonomic design makes flash insertion and removal easier, which also greatly enhanced production efficiency.

The compact dimension is smaller than the traditional Flash Duplicator by 50% to 70%.


Model UB960G
Target 1:59
Speed 2.0GB/m
Operation Stand-alone
Support media USB 2.0, USB 3.0
LED LED (Green/Red) on each slot
Power Supply 12V 12.5A adaptor
Button 4 buttons
Humidity Operating 20%~80%
Storage 5%~95%
Temperature Operating 0℃~75℃
Storage -20℃~85℃
System Dimension(cm) 38.5*25*27.5
Carton Dimension(cm) 50*38*40


Comparison Chart

USB Duplicator Compare Chart EU



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