USB duplicators & SD Card duplicators with Write-Protection available - new PCIe duplicator available.
  Daisy-Chain Technology Enabling Flexible Target Expansion  
  The Daisy-Chain Technology enables U-Reach duplicators to reliably copy in volumes at incredible speed. It brings all the controllers to work together without any performance degradation. Given a single HDD duplicator copying at 120MB/sec, the Daisy-Chain technology unites hundreds of such duplicators to deliver the same performance of 120MB/sec simultaneously!  

PC/Server-Link Technology

  It is a two-way communication technology for data/command exchanges between two machines. The PC/Server-Link lets several stand-alone duplicators send target information and production logs to a PC/Server where commands, parameters and source images can be passed on to the duplicators.  
  True Multi-Tasking Controller  
  Extending the idea of parallel processing from a supercomputer, U-Reach’s Multi-tasking Technology empowers each controller to work independently and thus guarantees the overall performance and reliability despite unpredictable glitches from individual devices.  
  Daisy-Chain Technology Enabling Flexible Target Expansion  
  Compatibility is the most important reason why U-Reach’s controllers are recognized by customers worldwide. Leveraging its proprietary Multi-tasking technology, U-Reach has equipped its controllers with true independent channels so that reliability is sustained regardless of uncertainty introduced by devices being hooked up. U-Reach has made compatibility a top priority, and will always keep this commitment to our customers.