SSD Duplicator
High performance up to 16GB transfer speed per minutes.
Data Sanitization :Quick erase, DoD erase and Secure Erase.
Real-time PC monitoring
Log report management records all tasks details for better production management.

Product Description

Impeccable efficiency
With up to 18GB/m transferring bandwidth; total data transfer capacity of 40 targets at 640GB per minutes.It is the greatest for professional SSD/NB Manufacturer. Each SATA interface is independent, no matter how many targets you would like to duplicate,speed stays the same and doesn’t decline.the 15GB per minute is far beyond most duplicatorsin the market.  
Systems & Data Copy
This mode can identify the SSD formats of FAT16/32/64, NTFS, Linux(ext2/ext3/ext4), Mac(HFS, HFS+,HFSX. It will only copy the data and system containedarea, which enhances the copying efficiency very much.  
4 ways of Sanitization
1.Quick Erase: Takes few seconds to complete
2.Full Erase: Erase the complete HDD
3.DoD Erase: Complies with the U.S. Department of Defense's standard of erasing.
4.Secure erase: A National Institute of Standards and Technology 800-88 accept technique for properly purging hard drives. This method is supported by almost all modern SATA HDD.
Device Compatibility
Support GPT, MBR table format
Support Advanced format HDD, Up to 15TB above device
Supported OS: Linux, Unix, Windows, Macintosh, etc. are all supported.
Easy Insertion and Removal
Real-Time PC Monitoring
  It is absolutely perfect for MONITORING the work progress during operation. It shows all the information for EVERY PORT, which is a powerful tool for sorting out the lagging writing HDD and keeping the operation in most efficient. All the information you need will be shown on screen of PC.
1. It’s able to monitor duplication status from PC while duplicators are connected to it.
2. shows and records the brand name, model, S/N, duplication time, result of every HDD from all the ports, the info of both sources HDD and target HDD are recorded.
3. Slow R/W speed HDD detection: lagging HDD can be easily sorted, because user can see the duplication speed of every port by. “Event Log”
4. To select a period of time in order to export part of the log data. Just one click, the data will be exported into .txt file and saved on PC. The date of export is the file name. (e.g. 20130308.txt)
Log Report Management
Records operation time, each port’s process details, including HDD’s model, capacity, S/N, result (pass, fail).
Real-Time recording and viewing Log Report via PC-Link
It can save up to 130,000 piece of log. One instruction onto one HDD is recorded as one piece of log. (e.g. duplication from 1 HDD to 21 targets will be recorded to 21 pieces of log)
iSecuLog(Anti-Tampering Log Report)
  Any falsification can be detected to ensure report is genuine. You do not need to worry about Log Report is not genuine any more.
Auto power control system
When the duplicator stop executing any function, the machine will automatically cut off the power of each port to protect the HDD from damage during removal from the duplicator. The power of each port will only be supplied when the operation is on.  
Stand-alone operation
There are two modes of operation, stand-alone and PC-link operation. User can choose either mode to satisfy different need. Stand-alone is excellent in simplifying operation and very user-friendly (operating on four buttons of duplicator would complete all the jobs)