USB duplicators & SD Card duplicators with Write-Protection available - new PCIe duplicator available.

About U-Reach Europe


U-Reach has also built an excellent reputation world-wide for Hard Drive, Flash and DVD Duplicator over the past 10 years.
U-Reach’s superior technology in DVD, Flash, and HDD duplication and inspection has been certified by many international professional industry leaders. Over 30 years of well-trained engineering experience, we will continue to innovate and never be satisfied by high market share we have won.

Leading in Technology Innovation
Our products change customer’s stereotype of efficiency and quality control. Especially in Flash and Hard Drive duplication & inspection, U-Reach products attain several special technology approved by many worldwide major electronics manufacturer; well known branding company; Military Dept; and Cinema movie industries... etc.

For example:

  • The only equipment that support multiprocessing with high-speed over 100 targets of Flash or Hard Drive’s duplication or inspection without speed degradation.
  • The only non-PC based equipment that can generate proof log report which records every job details and media’s information of S/N, ID, model, capacity.
  • The special invisible ink technology makes the proof log report to be protected from any unauthorized modification. Easily access and tamper-free.
  • The smartest Daisy-Chain technology provides the best production flexibility to enterprise. Easy to arrange productivity by separate or integrate daisy chain machines.


As world’s leading manufacturer of DVD, flash and HDD duplicators for more than a decade, U-Reach has been and will always be building cutting-edge technologies for value-added solutions. U-Reach USA further extends the manufacturer’s services to North and South America, offering quality deliveries to meet ever-changing market needs.
Located in Fremont, California, U-Reach USA feels each heartbeat of Silicon Valley, and strives to contribute to a greater success of the industry. Innovation aside, our customer-oriented business philosophy drives the company to welcoming new challenges each day. Leveraging worldwide service experiences as well as solid technology advances acquired over the years, we aims to provide total solutions that are efficient and effective in optimizing duplication processes.
At U-Reach USA, we make it our goal to bring customer satisfaction to the next level.


  • Announced the iSecuLog with invisible ink technology to make statistic log report tamper-free.
  • Announce the world’s first non-PC based 128 target automatic flash (SD/USB) inspection & duplication control system.
  • Announced uPRO media maker, the first ever multimedia backup between Flash and Discs.
  • Announced the first high-density 60 ports SSD Inspector, 120 ports USB/SD/TF duplicator/inspector.
  • Announced professional HDD Wiper with proof log report and secure erase. 
  • Established a branch office in California to better serve customers in USA.
  • Announced the HDD Duplicator Free Chain Technology and Introduced Intelligent 9 Flash Duplicator Series in various editions.
  • Launched our first USB/SD/microSD/CF(video card) duplicators bundled with copy-protection solution.
  • Showcased the bi-directional PC-Link duplicator technology during Computex in Taipei.
  • Released the portable multimedia duplicator uDisc for the consumer market.
  • Released the professional 1-15 HDD duplicator.
  • Expanded in China to successfully serve hundreds and thousands of factories with mass production needs.
  • Established a branch in Shenzhen to better serve local factories, with duplicators featuring outstanding compatibility and efficiency.
  • Released the 1-11 USB/Flash card duplicator.
  • Launched the iShare series, the first in the industry to copy from Flash to DVD.
  • Introduced Free-Chain technology to link up to 255 DVD duplicators which propelled U-Reach into a leader position. – Pioneered to adopt DDRII memory on controllers for DVD duplicators.
  • Released the first 1-15 DVD duplicator controller in the world.
  • Launched DVD duplicator series ranging from 1 to 11 targets
  • Initiated research and development of controllers for DVD duplicators.
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